About Us

More about The Points, Belfast. In the heart of Belfast on the busy Dublin Road.

About The Points, Belfast.

The Points, Belfast aims to provide tourists and locals with a truly traditional Irish venue that replicates the cities culture and history.. A place where people can listen to traditional Irish and folk music 7 nights a week, can engage in great conversation and share stories about the past..

The Points has also opened its upstairs live music venue ‘Cow Bay;’ just above The Points. Enjoy live music from trad bands from across the country every Friday and Saturday night.


Background on The Points.

Five points was the most notorious neighbourhood in nineteenth-century America. Beginning in about 1820, overlapping waves of Irish, Italian, and Chinese immigrants flooded this district in what is now New York’s Chinatown. Immigrants from every part of Ireland lived in Five Points, but those from certain Irish regions settled there more often than others. Anbinder, T.

In the face of the pressures of their new homeland, the Irish communities across the country banded tightly together. Supporting one another seemed to be the only way to cope with poverty. In New York City, the centre of this Irish Community was a dangerous neighbourhood called the Five Points. At the middle of The Five Points was a tiny park called Paradise Square, which was the scene of countless crimes. This park helped make the Five Points the most notorious slum in all of the United States. Paulson, T.J.